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Save time, boost productivity, rock your Inbox

Be proactive, not reactive. Managing a company with far too much work and not enough people is all about focus and prioritization (we know, we're doing it ourselves!) It's easy to spend half of your day clearing your Inbox - which is actually a to-do list other people write on for you. SaneBox helps you focus on emails that matter to you, not someone else.


  • Automatically filter out the noise and focus on signal
  • Snooze important but non-urgent emails until they are actionable
  • Never forget to follow up on opportunities with automatic follow up reminders and Salesforce integration
  • Works anywhere you check your email with nothing to learn. If you know how to use email folders, you know how to use SaneBox

SaneBox changed my life. Now email works for and not against me. Try it, you'll feel the same way

Brian Norgard,

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