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Complete security, privacy and control

(and incredible love from your users)

Besides making you a hero in your company for saving countless hours of time and frustration, SaneBox makes your job easier. It is completely safe and secure, gives you full control of your implementation, and even saves space on the mail server.


  • Emails never leave your server: SaneBox never takes possession of them, and only analyzes headers to determine what's important.
  • User credentials are either encrypted via Blowfish CBC with acryptographically secure randomized 8-byte initialization vector...
  • …or you can authenticate your users via Active Directory, Google Apps provisioning, or IBM Notes Delegation (without passing credentials to us)
  • Automatically move large attachments to Box, Dropbox or IBM Smart Cloud saving you space on the mail server
  • Manage your team's access of SaneBox and see how much time you saved your team every week

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SaneBox is one of those cloud services that I really cannot do without. If you use Gmail or any other email service for that matter, you need SaneBox. I have seen an immediate reduction on email management being reduced to minutes. Furthermore, as a crusader for information security the last 15 years and recently security for cloud services, I'm impressed with their approach to security and privacy.

Amar Singh,
Globally recognised Information Security & GRC expert,
Former CISO, Current Chair of the UK's Security Advisory Group, ISACA.

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