SaneBox for Business

Email should not hurt office productivity. Now it doesn't.

Saving time for professionals everywhere.

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SaneBox at Work

Watch how the Ampush team succeeds every day with SaneBox

Trackable ROI

Track the return on investment we deliver to your company on a daily basis.

Empowered Admins

Our teams dashboard empowers managers with the ability to identify best practices for sharing and company-wide improvement.

Actionable Data

Check email performance & productivity – by user and company-wide.

Increase Email Productivity In Your Office

SaneBox offers a full suite of productivity features that dramatically increase your inbox and efficiency.

Eliminate Wasted Time On Extraneous Email

SaneBox prevents unimportant email from interrupting your day so you can focus on what really matters.

Syncs Across All of Your Devices

SaneBox works anywhere you check your email, any email client, service or device.

Integrates with:
Supported apps

Nothing to Install

Works on your current email infrastructure, anywhere you check your email.

Powerful Admin Controls

Active Directory and IBM Notes Delegation integrations.

Bank-Level Security and Privacy

We never take possession of the emails, and never look at the content, only the headers.

Time savings that pay for themselves

SaneBox saves an average employee over 100 hours per year.

SaneConnect for Business

Instantly turn every employee into a sales person

The Social Network

Track the return on investment we deliver to your company on a daily basis.

Super Intelligent Analytics

Way better than looking for intros on LinkedIn. View not only the contacts, but the strength and recency of the relationships, so you can ask the right person for a warm introduction.

Complete Security and Privacy

SaneConnect integrates with your email systems via Active Directory or Google Apps. It never looks at the content of your emails – only email headers.

Take Your Team to the Next Level of Productivity