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People with clean inboxes are happier.

They achieve inbox zero every day with SaneBox

G2 - High Performer Spring 2021

“I’ve used it for years and it keeps getting better. It just *works*. ”

Gabrielle H
Management Consulting

G2 - High Performer Spring 2021

“Can’t live without it. Makes prospect followup easy and reduces emails in my inbox. ”

Frederick H
President and Founder

G2 - High Performer Spring 2021

“Why didn’t I get SaneBox sooner?”

Michelle Z

G2 - High Performer Spring 2021

“I've been using SaneBox for a few years now and cannot imagine not using it. The best thing about SaneBox is that it works. It does what it says it will do. Clean up your inbox. In today's email world, that says a lot. ”

Patrick L
Sr. Supervising Producer

G2 - High Performer Spring 2021

“SaneBox is my secret weapon for effective follow-up and project management. I started using SaneBox a year ago, and have almost forgotten what it was like to "do email" without it. It's easy to install and easy to use. SaneBox has become a trusted secret weapon in my email and workflow management. ”

Ryan M

G2 - High Performer Spring 2021

“Can’t live without it. My stress levels are way down, I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel of emails. Now, I am in the light and outside of the tunnel. ”

Don L

North Thurston Public Schools

“SaneBox cuts down on the clutter of email, the amount of spam, the amount of…time wasters inside of our district email system”

Derek Stewart
Director of Technology


“SaneBox helps us save time and allows us keep our mailbox clean”

Jeshua Zapata


“SaneBox filters away the clutter, freeing up our time and headspace.”

Jonathan Hursh
Founding Partner

Intuit Research

“SaneBox saves you a lot of time by filtering out unimportant emails.”

Thomas Isaac

Headworks International

“SaneBox manages time and allows us to focus on relevant things, utilizing SaneBox Reminders helps make sure we follow up appropriately and nothing falls through the cracks, and SaneBox is a much more efficient tool in terms of removing marketing and spam than any other junk filter.””

Michele LaNoue


“SaneBox has helped the Atilus team be more productive because we can spot the emails that matter and take care of them”

Kristen Bachmeier
Director of Operations


“SaneBox has made it incredibly easy to get through my inbox quickly, and the ability to free up that kind of time and mental space is worth every, shiny penny.”

Gini Dietrich


“SaneBox has changed the way I interact with email. I know that the important things are going to come into the box, and the things that aren’t that important are going to be put into SaneLater.”

Garth Pyper
Technology Infrastructure Manager

Founder Collective

“SaneBox is great for getting all the stuff out of the inbox that you don’t want. It’s hugely helpful, and every once in awhile, when Sanebox isn’t running, it’s such a reminder to me of how painful it was before I had it.”

Eric Paley

Nir & Far

“SaneBox is definitely one of my favorite tools – it’s been a great help to avoid the distraction of email.”

Nir Eyal


“Your product rocks. I can't live without it. It's in the top three - phone, email, SaneBox ;)”

Hiten Shah
Founder of CrazyEgg, KISSmetrics, Quick Sprout with Neil Patel

Single Grain

“SaneBox has been instrumental to getting my time back (and my sanity). I have easily been able to save more than 7 hours a week because of its effectiveness. I recommend it to anyone that has to deal with the chaos of e-mail.”

Eric Siu


“SaneBox helps my team work as personal assistant, by allowing us to focus on useful emails, cutting the clutter, and by reminding us when to follow up, which not only saves time but helps us close deals.”

Abhishek Rungta

Cool Hunting

“As an editor I’m on the email lists of literally hundreds of companies and publicists and an average day dumps around 500 emails in my inbox. SaneBox has been incredibly helpful in helping bring the most important emails to my attention and saves me several hours a day. I can’t imagine trying to get through my email without it.”

Evan Orensten

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