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What is SaneBox?

SaneBox restores sanity to your inbox by prioritizing the incoming email that actually matters and is relevant to your day. Less important emails are automatically filtered into a separate folder and then summarized in a daily digest.

We also have a full suite of other features that boost your email productivity.

Will SaneBox work with my email setup?

SaneBox works with any email client, service or device. We simply add a folder to your current email setup and filter unimportant emails there.

Just to reiterate, SaneBox works anywhere you check your email, on your PC or Mac, desktop or mobile, Gmail, Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, IBM Notes and anything inbetween.

POP accounts aren't supported due to their technical limitations, sorry!

How much is SaneBox after the free trial?

There's an old saying "If you're not paying for a product, then YOU are the product". Any company offering a free service must generate a profit at some point, so they either go out of business or monetize their customers somehow (e.g. selling your data to advertisers).

We started SaneBox to help you with email. You are our customer – not our product. We will never sell your data (it's in our Terms of Service) or show you ads.

Our plans start at $7.00/month (or $4.92 if you buy the annual plan). That works out to less than 25 cents per day.

Go ahead, try it for free for 2 weeks. If you don't feel $7.00/month is worth the value we're providing, canceling is always one click away and we will put everything back the way we found it!

How does SaneBox work?

SaneBox doesn't send or receive your email. It simply works with your current email provider to ensure only important/relevant emails land in your inbox. Everything else is filtered into your new SaneLater folder

When you sign up for SaneBox, we establish a secure connection with your email server so we can monitor incoming email. Our robots analyze your past interactions with your email to figure out what’s important to you. As email comes into your inbox, we determine its importance and request the server to move it to its appropriate location.

SaneBox does its magic without ever reading the body of the email. It only analyzes the data in the header.

What if SaneBox goes offline?

If SaneBox happens to go offline, all of your emails will still be delivered to you. The only difference is your email will be delivered into your Inbox and not sorted into folders until SaneBox comes back online.

Is SaneBox secure?

Security and privacy are our top priority.

Your emails never leave your server: SaneBox never takes possession of them, and only analyzes headers to determine what's important.

Your data is completely private: SaneBox never looks at the content of your emails.

Your password is safe: SaneBox needs access to your Inbox, which means we need your password. However, your credentials are encrypted with proven public key cryptography, and placed on a server that's unreachable by public Internet.

Learn more about SaneBox security

What is the SaneLater folder?

The SaneLater folder will be added to your current email setup. It’s where all of your unimportant email will be filtered.

The SaneLater folder is an email server folder like your Inbox, Drafts, or Sent folder. This means it will be available from any client or device or web mail interface at any time.

You will receive a daily digest summarizing the email in your SaneLater folder and any other SaneBox folders you have enabled.

How do I train SaneBox?

SaneBox is smart and very quickly learns your preferences.

Training SaneBox is as easy as moving an email to a different folder. If you discover an email in the wrong place, simply move it to where you'd like it to be, and we won't make that mistake again. You can also update your trainings on our website via your dashboard.

What impact does SaneBox have on my inbox?

As soon as you sign up for SaneBox, you will quickly notice how much unimportant email was in your inbox. With SaneBox, your inbox will only contain important/relevant email. Everything else will go straight to SaneLater greatly reducing email interruptions and distractions.

What criteria does SaneBox look for to figure out what’s important?

SaneBox looks at a variety of factors when determining importance. Several examples include: which emails you open, which you respond to, how quickly you open an email, how quickly you respond, how often, how far back your relationship goes, etc. etc. etc.

We only look at the header data and never store or look at the body of your emails.

Can you combine or use SaneBox with more than one email address?

Depending on the plan, SaneBox can be used with up to 4 email accounts.

How do I cancel/unsubscribe?

You can cancel at anytime through your personal dashboard.

Still have more questions?

Visit our helpful Support Center.