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Smart and simple filtering

SaneBox's powerful algorithms filter unimportant email out of your inbox, so you can focus on what matters.

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SaneBox works where you work

View SaneFolders the same way you view your existing folders.

If you know how to use your email folders, then you know how to use SaneBox

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A powerful summary of your SaneFolders, used to quickly process emails: Train, Trash or Archive.

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SaneBox will automatically move Inbox distractions to your SaneLater folder.

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Unsubscribe from annoying emails just by moving them to the SaneBlackHole folder.

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Track and get notified when someone doesn't reply to your email.

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This folder further categorizes unimportant emails by grouping newsletters and mailing lists together.

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Do It Yourself!

Folders named the way you want. You decide what emails belong in them.

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Rescue emails mistakenly marked as spam.

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Illustration gift Earn rewards for you and your friends

Friends don't let friends have insane email! Invite them to try SaneBox. Every invited friend who signs up for a trial will get a $5 credit and so will you.

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Automatically upload attachments to your favorite cloud storage, (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc...).

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Set email reminders, never miss an important moment again.

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If you are not in the "to" line, then this email is more FYI than actionable. SaneCC will help you focus on actionable items and review the "FYI" emails in bulk.

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Do Not Disturb

Delay seeing new email so you can focus on the task at hand.

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Snooze non-urgent emails

Customize by time, day of the week, month, even year. Or, use our preset options like SaneNextWeek, SaneTomorrow and more...

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Social network refinement

Although SaneBox has impressive accuracy out of the box (and needs no training), you can make it even smarter by connecting to your social networks (Facebook and Twitter).

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Executive Assistant Access

Be the boss!
Let your assistant receive your SaneBox Digest, so they can process your unimportant email for you.

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Be a good networker!
Search by domain name to get a list of colleagues you know at that company and their latest job title.

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