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Tour the magic of SaneBox

Finally, the Inbox you deserve without giving up your beloved webmail/email client.
Remember, if you know how to use email folders, then you already know how to use SaneBox!

Stop important email from being buried in your Inbox

Focus on what matters most

SaneBox's powerful AI filters unimportant email out of your Inbox. By default all distractions go to SaneLater, but you can further categorize them with other folders.

A folder for

SaneBox will automatically move Inbox distractions to your SaneLater folder. Learn More

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A folder for

The SaneNews folder is for newsletter type emails that you can read when time permits. Learn More

A folder for
CC'd emails

If you are not in the "to" line, then this email is more FYI than actionable. SaneCC will help you focus on actionable items and review the "FYI" emails in bulk. Learn More

Manage distracting unimportant email

Check your Digest of non-Inbox email activity

Quickly process non-Inbox emails: Train, Snooze, Move, Trash, Archive or Mark as Read. (Available on Web & iOS)

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Check your SaneBox folders occasionally

You can view these folders at anytime, from any email client or webmail interface.

Let it be someone else's problem

Have your executive assistant process your Digest for you. Learn More

Banish annoying people or companies to your trash

Trash can full of emails

A folder for training emails to your trash

When a relationship goes sour, don’t get frustrated. Move their email into SaneBlackHole. Problem solved! Learn More

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Do Not Disturb for your Inbox

Man receiving email notifications on his smartphone while trying to defuse a bomb

Schedule breaks from email notifications

New email is temporarily moved to your Do Not Disturb folder. Add an away message so people don't need to send yet another email asking if you saw the first one. Learn More

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Have emails arrive in your Inbox exactly when you need them

Jury duty
Camp registration
Event tickets

Forward these emails to SaneBox

Send to special addresses like and then archive it. The email will magically reappear in your Inbox when you need it. Learn More

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Move non-urgent emails into snooze folders

Customize by time, day of the week, month, even year. Or, use presets like SaneNextWeek, SaneTomorrow and more...

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Automatically organize emails


Do It Yourself!

Create custom folders like @SaneReceipts, @SaneBills, or @SaneFamily and move examples there, we'll do the rest. Automatically forward these to receipt trackers, Evernote, etc. Learn More

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Always get a reply when you need it

Work deadline
Leaky roof

CC or BCC special SaneBox addresses

Like, and we'll let you know if they haven't replied by then.
Or, june6.resend@sanebox and we'll let them know you still need a reply. Learn More

A folder for ignored emails

Or, check your SaneNoReplies folder for email that hasn’t been responded to.

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Rediscover lost connections

Contacts network

A tool for finding a warm lead

Over a lifetime you get to know so many people, it’s impossible to remember them all. SaneBox can tell you who you know at any company! Learn More

Keep your email attachments in the cloud

Upload to the cloud

Organize all of your attachments in one place. We can automatically upload the files to your favorite cloud service. Learn More

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Running out of storage space?

Get rid of old, useless emails that you no longer need.

Email Deep Clean helps get you organized by moving large piles of unwanted emails to your trash. Learn More

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