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Free up your (and your team's) time

An average employee spends 13 hours per week reading and replying to email.

That's right, 30% of your team's time is wasted on a completely reactive activity - not even closely related to their job description. And they don't even get as much email as you!

SaneBox moves unimportant emails out of the Inbox and summarizes them in a digest, which saves an average employee ~8 hours a month. Just think of how much more could be accomplished in that time.


  • Nothing to learn, it just works: SaneBox simply creates a folder and moves unimportant emails there
  • Dead simple for the lazy, powerful suite of features for the geeks
  • Works everywhere (email folders sync across devices)
  • Your IT manager will love it
  • Multiply 8 hours a month by # of your employees. That's the amount of man hours SaneBox will save you every week.

SaneBox is the single best product for reducing email noise I have ever used. Incredible. Seriously, try it!

Dave Morin,
Path, Founder

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