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SaneSubject Filtering: Trainings based on Subject Content

If an email subject line contains (or begins with, or ends with) a specific term you designate, we can filter that email into a select Sane folder destination.

  1. Choose whether the subject line you’re training for either “Begins With”, “Contains”, or “Ends With” a certain Term or Phrase that you’ll enter.

  2. Type in the exact word or phrase. Be aware that our system is not case-sensitive.

  3. Select the destination you’d like to Create the @SaneSubject Training for.


  • Each entry will appear in a listing, and can be removed at any time.
  • Your keywords will not be case sensitive.

Here’s what that looks like:

Why can’t I use regular expression?

To use SaneBox Subject Line Filtering, head over here. You can also find Subject Filtering in the “Train SaneBox” “Advanced filtering” area of your Dashboard on our site.

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