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SaneSubject Filtering: Trainings based on Subject Content

If an email subject line contains (or begins with, or ends with) a specific term you designate, we can filter that email into a select Sane folder destination.

To use SaneBox Subject Line Filtering: visit this page.

How to use

  1. Choose whether the subject line you’re training for either “Begins With”, “Contains”, or “Ends With” a certain Term or Phrase that you’ll enter.

  2. Type in the exact word or phrase. Be aware that our system is not case-sensitive.

  3. Select the destination you’d like to Create the @SaneSubject Training for.

Why can’t I use regular expression?

We don’t allow regular expression in the subject filter because of this: and for fear that people might set up an overly ambitious expression that would redirect all their email to a single folder. Please contact support if you want a manual regular expression subject filter applied to your account.


Each entry will appear in a listing, and can be removed at any time.
Your keywords will not be case sensitive.

Block annoying email now!Try SaneBox Today