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What happens to the filters and rules that I used prior to enabling SaneBox?

For Gmail users , filters act before the email hits your Inbox and before SaneBox sees them. So your Gmail filters will continue to work as they always have**. If you are moving new emails into non-Inbox folders, those will not be filtered by SaneBox.

If you would like to temporarily remove your Gmail filters while trying out SaneBox and reinstate them at a later time, you can learn how to do that here.

For non-Gmail users , your filters will work on everything that SaneBox deems Inbox-worthy. Depending on the software you use, it may or may not work on messages sent to your Sane folders. If your mail server implements server side filtering, it will probably work. If your filters are executed by your mail client, your filters will not work.

  • If your filters are not working properly, you can create a custom folder through SaneBox on your Settings Page under Folders. As you receive emails for that custom folder, train them to that folder, and we will remember that for the future.
  • If you have rules for putting things into Trash , go to your Settings page and Enable your @SaneBlackHole folder. Place examples of the things you want to put in Trash into that folder, and SaneBox will do the rest.

For Apple Mail users , if you still want your rules or a Spam filter to look at SaneLater emails, simply execute the rules as you enter that folder. You can do this in Mail.app by clicking the Message Menu and then Apply Rules

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