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SaneBox works wherever you check your email. Nothing to download. No manual setup. It just works.

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“SaneBox is the best thing that has happened to email since its invention - it's among the top productivity apps we've ever reviewed.”

Productivity’s #1 Killer

Email wasn’t always the enemy. But now, a glance at our inbox can crush our spirits.

  • Drowning in new email, newsletters, and promotions?
  • Running out of storage space?
  • Having trouble finding that really important email?
  • Forgetting to follow up when emails don’t get a reply?
  • Trying to achieve Inbox Zero?

Our commitment to Security and Privacy

We never sell or share your information. Your emails, contacts, and content stay between you and SaneBox. That's our promise.

Google Verified

Our security is annually assessed as a part of Google's Restricted Scopes verification process.

Independently audited

We have passed external security audits by Leviathan Security Group.

Continuously Tested

We use automated (WhiteHat) and human hackers (HackerOne) to test our security on an ongoing basis.

Minimum data, maximum security

SaneBox looks at the basics like sender, subject line and date of your mail. We never store full emails or attachments.

Access on your terms

You're in control with OAuth(with supporting services). Grant SaneBox access to your email, revoke anytime.

Encrypted credentials

The credentials for your account are encrypted and securely stored. We only use them to scan your mail and work our organized inbox magic.

What our customers are saying

4.91,085 user reviews

SaneBox has saved
numerous inboxes:

Number of emails processed:
10.5 billion and counting
The time saved:
60 million hours
Interruptions prevented:
7.2 billion and counting

A Productivity

SaneBox is like the world’s best executive assistant - saving you hours a week on email. Focus on your most important emails, and automatically filter out junk mail before it can interrupt your day.

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“SaneBox is the best solution to email overload! Simple, flexible, I could never go back to the old technology.”

- Tony Robbins

Powerful features
to give you back control

Remove unwanted interruptions and get
through your email faster than ever before.

Banish annoying senders

Tired of unsubscribing from pesky senders? Use BlackHole to remove them from your inbox for good.

Out of sight, out of mind

Sometimes important emails should wait. Snooze sends emails away until you’re ready for them. Like on Monday morning, instead of Saturday night.

Don’t ever miss a thing

The Daily Digest is a daily summary of unimportant emails that haven’t been opened yet.

Your personal follow-up assistant

Get a Reminder if someone doesn’t respond to your email by a certain time and/or set reminders for your future self.

Shopify employees save 500+ hours a month on email with SaneBox.

Frequently Asked Questions

SaneBox is an AI email management service designed to save you up to 3-4 hours per week on email. SaneBox uses sophisticated algorithms and machine learning to automatically sort your incoming emails into different folders based on their importance. This way, you can spend less time sorting through irrelevant messages and focus more on things that matter — or pretty much anything other than email.
SaneBox works with every major email service such as Gmail, Microsoft 365, Apple iCloud, Yahoo! Mail and Fastmail. SaneBox also works with any IMAP, Microsoft Exchange or ActiveSync server.
SaneBox offers three main pricing plans, each with different features and email account limits — see options here. We also offer a 14-day free trial for each plan, allowing you to test out the service before committing. We’re pretty sure after 2 weeks, you’ll never know how you managed without us 😉. Additionally, educational, non-profit, and government agencies can get a 25% discount on any plan.
If we were betting folks, we’d bet you won’t want to cancel. But, if you do, we make it easy to do so — even though we’ll miss you! This page guides you through the process, including choosing whether to keep or remove your Sane folders.

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