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SaneBox’s A.I. organizes your email. You can teach it with special filters, contact training, and more...

Email Deep Clean
With the help of our A.I., Trash older emails that you no longer need.
Email Organize
A handy tool for quickly sorting your older email. Archive, mark as read, snooze, move, train and trash.
Want to block annoying emails?
Instead of trashing emails from the same sender again and again, let us do it. Train our A.I. by moving emails into the SaneBlackHole folder.

Do you get a lot of newsletters?
Our A.I. can identify news & mailing lists, keeping them all in one place.
Do it yourself!
Customize the perfect folder for receipts, bills, family, work… anything!
Procrastination is good!
Emails put in SaneBox snooze folders will automatically reappear in your Inbox when you need them.
Next… Day, Week, Month, etc.

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