How do I read my email with SaneBox?

SaneBox folders are no different than your existing email folders. You view them using your current webmail or email client.

When a new email arrives in your Inbox, if necessary, we ask your email service to move it to the appropriate SaneBox folder on your server.

How does SaneBox learn what's important?

The first thing we do is analyze the headers of your historic email to figure out who is important and what can wait.

And, just like a search engine, our customers are constantly teaching SaneBox what is Inbox worthy and what is not.

SaneBox Daily Digest

Once a day you’ll receive a digest of your unimportant emails and training activity.

Slide digest mock
Sender: New friend
Trained to: SaneLaterInbox
Sender: Distant cousin
It can wait
Sender: Local newspaper
You can read it later
Sender: Your boss
This contact is important!
Sender: A new friend
It can wait
Sender: Your best friend
This contact is important

Easily block contacts and services

Emails moved by you into this folder and all future emails from that sender will be moved to your Trash folder.


Always remember

Travel itinerary for a trip on March 6th  at 2pm...
Forward to
Agenda for a meeting on Jan 12th  at 4pm...
Forward to
Invoice to pay a bill that is due in 2 weeks...
Forward to
Subject: Travel itinerary for a trip
Subject: Agenda for a meeting
Subject: Invoice to pay a bill that is due
March 6th
January 12th
13 days later...
Set reminders
March 6th
January 12th
13 days later...


Contains emails you sent that are still waiting for a response.

Check it periodically to follow up on important threads.

Slide sanenorepliesSlide sanenoreplies mobile

You can snooze emails

Emails moved by you into these snooze folders reappear in your Inbox after the designated amount of time.