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What Does The "Enable SaneAttachments" button under my Sane Folders Do?

Tired of getting junky attachments showing up in your Cloud Storage from SaneLater emails? The Enable SaneAttachments button (that you see under your Sane folder) gives you more control over how we process your attachments for certain Sane folders.


  • Enable SaneAttachments = OFF

  • Attachments uploaded to your cloud = ON

Clicking on the “Change” button allows you to change the mode for that folder.

How to use:

  1. Visit your Folders section. here

  2. Click on the Enable SaneAttachments or Change button under the folder you want to manage.

  3. A confirmation screen will appear. Select either “Enable” or “Disable”.

For more information on how to use SaneAttachments, follow this link.

Note: New signups will show this feature off by default.