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Why is SaneBox better than the other services like and Organizer?

Here are 5 simple ways SaneBox remains the best email management tool for getting you on the path to clean up your inbox now. Start your free trial today.

Three months after we launched our beta in 2010, Gmail announced Priority Inbox, which does almost exactly what we do - prioritizes emails. That was a scary day for us: half of our beta customers left.  Couple of weeks later most of them came back.  

Over the last few years Gmail and Microsoft have built products that compete with SaneBox and offered them for free, specifically Gmail Tabs, Gmail Inbox,, Organizer by Otherinbox, and Office 365 Clutter. Here’s why we’re still better than any of the free alternatives:

5 Reasons SaneBox is the Best Option

1. SaneBox works everywhere

On any device or client - not just in the Gmail/Office365 web interface or Google Inbox client.

2. SaneBox is smarter

Our algorithms are personalized based on your past behavior (which emails you open, which you respond to, how quickly, how often etc). That makes us much more accurate for you personally.

3. SaneBox is far more customizable

If you like things easy, you get 1 other place to look (SaneLater folder - that’s where all unimportant emails go). But if you’re OCD, you can create lots of optional filtering rules and folders (SaneNews, SaneBulk, or any custom filtering folders you wish).

4. SaneBox does way more than just filtering

BlackHole (unsubscribe with 1 click), snooze non-urgent emails, reminders to follow up with people who ignored your emails, moving attachments to Dropbox, monitoring your spam folder for emails caught there by mistake, etc (and LOTS more cool stuff in the works). Watch this video.

5. SaneBox is not free

There’s an old saying “If you’re not paying for a product, then you ARE the product”. _You are our customer, not our product. We will never sell your data or annoy you with ads. You can try it free for 2 weeks, and our plans start at just $7/month (or $4/month if you buy a 2 year plan.) That’s not too much to ask for a little email sanity, is it? ;)

Still not convinced? Here’s how we compare to other services.

What Does:

1) The content they access + ads supported. You’re letting a third party into your email. They are ad supported, scans your messages’ content to place ads, based on your interests, inside your daily newsletter.

2) They only focus on email subscriptions / newsletters

3) Their parent company bought them in order to monetize their customers.

What Organizer by Otherinbox does:

1) They prioritize your inbox by finding and automatically filing messages that aren’t from real people. **This is limited to just newsletters, coupons, receipts, social network notifications, automated alerts. They do not offer an Inbox cleanup. They cannot go back retroactively and filter your emails. The filtering only happens **after you signup.

2) Their TOS says that they do sell your information in order to be able to provide this free service to you. It is not clear in their privacy policy whether they look at the body of your emails.

3) They offer a limited Dashboard so you can adjust the contacts filtered into your folders. You can only add 1 email address per Dashboard.

4) They provide a Digest Summary of emails filtered into the Organizer folders. It is a read only email.

How are we different?

1) We are not ad supported. We will never sell your data (it’s in our Terms of Service) or show you ads.

2) We do not just focus solely on subscriptions/newsletters. We offer you a full suite of features to help you manage your email.

3) We offer advanced filtering options to better help you reach Inbox Zero.

4) We never look at the body of your emails and none of your emails will ever be kept on our servers. Learn More.

5) We offer an advanced Dashboard that allows you to adjust your trainings, use an interactive Digest, setup new filters, add new features, add up to 4 email addresses per Dashboard and much more!

6) SaneBox complies with GDPR. We have been working with a special team to make sure that SaneBox and its employees are setup to comply with GDPR standards. announced that they will no longer support EU customers.

**Haven’t tried SaneBox yet? Sign up here and get a free 14 day trial.

Help center free trial days

Send emails to your future self

Try SaneBox FREE for 14 days

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