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SaneBox Email Organize: Quickly Process Email In Bulk

SaneBox Email Organize gives you an extra tool, with a listing of your emails that are either in your Inbox or also your Sane folders. This can be a great go-to resource, for your extra reference and added email control.

How to Use

  • Train To

This lets you choose which folder you would like to train select email contacts to. So items from that sender will automatically go there every time they send you a new email. Or if you have changed your mind on where you want certain contacts to go, you can change and adjust from here too.

We offer two options or ways to select and process:

1. The Train-to Dropdown menu.

2. Or use of the Action Menu: to train a “select” group of emails.

  • Move to Inbox Once

This lets you choose to only send this particular email selection to your Inbox - only this one time, but while not creating a training. (This simple move to Inbox is great for zeroing in on an item without changing any existing training or ai treatment for that sender.) There are two ways to do it as seen below:

  • Train to Inbox

Found an email in your SaneLater folder that shouldn’t be? Use your SaneBox Email Organize feature as an extra way to quickly train it to your Inbox. We’ll leave that contact there in the future.

  • Create rule for domain

This allows you to create a domain filter for the selected email(s) and train that domain to your INBOX or any Sane folder.

  • Create subject filter

This allows you to create a subject filter for the selected email(s) and train those emails to your INBOX or any Sane folder, based on the subject content.

  • Mark As Read

This lets you choose to remove the bold appearance in your email software. New unread mail stands out because the subject line shows in bold text.

If nothing is worthy of distracting you, marking as read lets email stand in place and just blend in. You can mark individual contacts as read or you can mark all of your emails in your sane folders as read.

Note: We recommend that you process emails out of your SaneLater folder to prevent these emails from building up and making you feel overwhelmed.

Option 1: Mark “All” emails in your Sane folder as Read.

Option 2: Mark a “Select” group of emails as Read.

  • Trash

If the items shown in the digest clearly have no value, won’t ever deserve your further attention and have no chance of ever being needed for reference, click this choice to move them to the trash location in your email account.

Note that with this choice, these deleted items will also be marked as read. Depending on your email account provider, there may be a limit to how long you’ll have to change your mind and rescue trashed items.

Option 1: Delete All in Folder.

Option 2: Move Individual email / contact in the Trash.

  • Archive

If mail shown in the digest clearly won’t be worth reading or isn’t actionable (but should be kept for reference) this choice sends all items to your email account’s archive. Note that with this choice, these archived items will also be marked as read.

For Gmail, this puts items into your “All Mail” location, while with other hosts it moves mail to your SaneArchive folder or your default Archive folder if you already have one.

Option 1: Archive All.

Option 2: Archive a “select” group of emails.

Option 3: Use Action Menu.

Email Organize - indicator dots

  • A big Green dot: Indicates unfamiliar items, like from a new sender.

We have added a big green-dot component to the Digest and Email Organize: indicates someone that has never emailed you before. These new contacts will be sorted and alphabetized at the top of each Sane folder listing. This way you can handle those in batches. So if new contacts are mostly trashable, you can delete them easily. Or if you are a sales person and a new contact might be a hot lead, you can process those first.

  • A big Orange dot: indicates senders most frequently trained to SaneBlackHole.

Our big orange-dot indicator marks items you’d be likely to want to possibly eliminate. The orange-dot is also accompanied by a convenient “SaneBlackHole this sender” link.

Special Note

Our bulk-process Email Organize tool will only show “tracked” messages. This is limited by an approx. 5,001 email tracking count limit. So keep in mend that If our legacy SaneArchive feature-folder is turned off for you, (as is now recommended), we then leave the older emails in your Inbox and / or sane folders and just stop tracking them - instead of moving them to SaneArchive. These oldest emails are usually less pertinent, and will no longer show up in your Email Organize tool listing.

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