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Exchange: How to set up automatic forwarding from one account to another account

Email forwarding is a feature that lets you forward an incoming email to other email accounts with option of retaining a copy in the mailbox.


  • Create a contact with the email address you want to forward to. (You’ll need to Log on to EAC with administrator credentials to do this.)

  • Click Recipients in features pane and select Contacts tab.

  • Click small triangle and select Mail Contact. (A new mail contact form will pop up.)


  • Fill in the information of new mail contact.


  • Click Save.


  • Click the Mailboxes tab on the same features pane.

  • Double-click on your contact to open up the properties.

  • Click the Mailbox Features tab.

  • Under Mail Flow, Delivery options click View Details.


  • New page for delivery options will open. Here, check the option, enable forwarding.


  • Click browse and select the contact and click OK.


  • Check the option, Deliver message to both forwarding address and mailbox.


  • Click the OK button.

  • Click Save button.

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