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SaneBox Integration With MailDroid

Like SaneBox, MailDroid will work with pretty much any existing email provider and service.

Some great features included with this integration:

  1. Open your SaneBox digest within the MailDroid app.
  2. Customize swipe options to quickly process email and send them to your most used Sane folders.
  3. Use the “move many” option to select any number of emails and move them to a Sane Folder.
  4. Easily add one or all SaneBox-monitored email accounts into MailDroid and see your accounts and folders in a clean interface.

How to Integrate SaneBox with MailDroid (New Sign Up)

Tap on Settings

Tap on SaneBox - SaneBox Integration ** **

Select the Account that you would like to sign up

SaneBox will now begin setting up your account. Tap on the Create button to begin.

At this point, we will begin analyzing your emails and will complete setup shortly.

All Set!

How to Integrate SaneBox with MailDroid (Existing user)

Tap on **Settings

Select the account you want to connect.

Give MailDroid Permission to access your account

Your account is now integrated

  • How Do I use the Swipe Options?

Swiping is super easy. Simply swipe your finger to the left to bring up 3 move options. You can use SaneBox/MailDroid integration to move emails from your Sane Folders to your Inbox and vice versa.


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