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Inbox Zero Academy: Be An Inbox Zero Hero

Join the Inbox Zero Academy to regain control of your inbox in just 10 minutes a day for 10 days. Don’t miss out on the email secrets that thousands of busy professionals have already learned.

What you’ll learn:

  1. 3 Email Commandments

  2. 17 Email Tricks

  3. 5 Inbox Zero Rules


Your Curriculum


In the first lesson, we start strong by driving home an incredibly efficient process for managing your inbox.

Triage your inbox

We continue the conversation from lesson one and show you how to quickly decide what to do with each email you receive.

Email notifications

In this lesson we show you how to overcome the #1 productivity killer, email notifications.

Treat your inbox right

Lesson four is a three-part series that covers how to treat your inbox right.

Use the subject line wisely

This lesson includes a handful of helpful subject line tips.

Proper email etiquette

This lesson covers basic email etiquette and saves time for you and the recipient!

The unhackable password

Today’s lesson will teach you the proper steps to padlock your inbox security, something that is crucial in today’s age of cyber attacks.

Unsubscribing from suspicious emails

Unsubscribing from suspicious emails can result in more junk mail; this lesson will teach you how to avoid this.

Never forget another email

If you ever forget to follow up when someone doesn’t respond to your email, then this is a lesson for you.

The incredible benefit of snoozing emails

In the final day of the course, we explain how to create a process for effectively deferring messages for later.


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