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Does SaneBox Work With Google Prompt?

SaneBox will work with Google prompt.

What is Google Prompt?

With Google Prompt, you can allow access to apps using your phone. Whether you are an android or iOS user, you will receive a prompt on your phone asking you if you allow access to an app.

How Does it work with SaneBox?

When you sign up for a SaneBox account, you’ll be asked to login to your Gmail account to authorize SaneBox to access your email account. You’ll be notified on your phone whether you’d like to grant access. For iOS users, ensure that you have your Notifications turned on for the Google app in order to allow access. Android users should have this option automatically pop up just like with Apple’s 2FA for iOS users.

How do I set it up?

You can view detailed instructions for your iOS or Android device by visiting Google’s help center.

Have further questions?

Our support is available any time to help you with your email needs. If you need to chat with someone about your email account and how SaneBox protects your data, shoot us an email at support@sanebox.com.