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Email Deep Clean: SaneBox can help clear out old unnecessary emails.

Are you running out of storage space in your email account? Is your email account running slower as it gets bigger? Are your friends calling you a hoarder because you have 14.9GB of email?

How Email Deep Clean works

Start by allowing SaneBox to scan your email account.

Select a date range for us to scan. We will only scan for emails older than the date you selected.

Our A.I. will look for the contacts, newsletters, stores, and websites that send you the most or the largest email. Depending on how much email you have, this might take a while!

No need to hang around. We’ll email you stats when our analysis is completed.

Then, choose the senders that are no longer relevant.

Verify this is what you want SaneBox to do.

SaneBox will move those messages to your Trash folder.

Do more with the Email Deep Clean

Email Deep Clean allows you to:

  • filter by size, date, and type.
  • how many emails we found in that date range from that sender.
  • when was the last time you received an email from them
  • the recent subjects of the emails

Important Note: This tool will only delete emails from the selected contacts. SaneBox will not delete your contacts from your address book - we want to make sure you can still easily communicate with them!

Have questions or feedback? Email us at or fill out this form.