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Superhuman & SaneBox: Important things to know

As we all get to know Superhuman, it’s clear that many aspects of SaneBox are very complimentary to working in Superhuman, or almost any other email client. There are a few things that are important to know to work best in concert with SaneBox and Superhuman and we’ll cover those points here.

Note: Also visit our help page with tips on how to Find your Sane folders from in SuperHuman.

Using the Superhuman Reminders to snooze non-Inbox email items causes unintended SaneBox re-trainings to Inbox

If you use the Superhuman Reminders feature on an email from one of your non-Inbox sane folders: the Superhuman UI simply hides the existence of that email although it “really” does still exist in the original folder. When that reminder based snooze period is up, Superhuman moves the email to your Inbox from the original folder. To SaneBox systems that looks like you did a drag & drop on that email to move it to your Inbox. This causes us to train future emails from that sender to your Inbox.

If the Superhuman “Mark not done” toggle is used for items in Sane folders, re-training to Inbox will occur for that sender

Unintended re-trainings (from a Sane folder and back to Inbox) can also occur if you take a “Mark not Done” action on an item in a Sane folder. In the Superhuman designed work-flow it seems there’s an if then assumption that anything that isn’t in the Inbox any longer must then be “done” (archived.) For those with SaneBox processing and Sane folders that is not the case. So we like to ignore the “done” check-marks that show on items in Sane folders from Superhuman. In the case of Sane folders, let’s just consider those marks as confirmation the items are not Inbox-worthy.

Note: You may never see this issue: There is NO unintended effect from Superhuman Reminders based snoozing of emails located in the Inbox. So if you do not use Superhuman Reminders feature on emails in Sane folders and you do not “Mark not done” for items in Sane folders, then you will not encounter this behavior.

There are two work around solutions

  • Option # 1

You could use our SaneReminders feature which provides the same capabilities and can also help to remind you to reply back to that contact, or to perform a task. And using SaneReminders with non-Inbox emails won’t cause the unintended trainings, Learn More.

And also avoid use of Superhuman “Mark not done” for items in Sane folders: Think of those “done” check-marks as a non-Inbox worthy indicator only, when it comes to items in Sane folders. Then use the Superhuman “remove” command to “remove all labels” if you want to send a Sane folder email to a final archive location in “All Mail”. And you can use the Inbox-once option from your SaneBox Digest, any time you want to move an item back to Inbox without altering existing SaneBox treatment for that sender.

  • Option # 2

Contact SaneBox Support: There is a setting that our support team can turn on for you that will allow Superhuman to move emails from Sane folders and back to your Inbox without causing a re-training.

The downside to this is that for any needed SaneBox trainings from Sane folder to Inbox, you would then need to train for those using your SaneBox Digest summary or your SaneBox Email Cleanup tool going forward. That isn’t too hard to adjust to and keep in mind. It’s just that once we place the special setting on each address on your SaneBox, dragging or doing a “move” on items from your Sane folders and to your Inbox would not train us anymore from in any email client. So you’d just do those adjustments from your digest or cleanup in your SaneBox. Contact Us.

Why might I see a SaneArchive label after I snooze

If you have SaneArchive active, and you do a Superhuman Reminders action to snooze the email for long enough, you may see a SaneArchive label on the email when it reappears in Inbox. If you find this annoying, you can turn off your SaneArchive processing on your features page and use the folder specific controls.

Note: In some rare cases we do see certain Gmail servers not completing our remove request for a Sane label, leaving a @Sane folder label on an item moved back to Inbox for a re-training. Our SaneBox Trainings page has a search tool to verify the training for a contact if needed. So If a sender is trained to Inbox and it’s just the one item still showing the Sane label in Inbox, then I just remove the residual label the Gmail server didn’t get to.

Power Tip: We know in Superhuman your Inbox is likely “split” and shows as several tabs like “Important” and “other” (once you’re already inside of the Inbox.) At SaneBox we still feel that the Inbox (or a split tab in an Inbox) is no place for newsletter type stuff for example. So we keep @SaneLater and @SaneNews for the lowest priorities that distract from a focused Inbox. Then each day you can do some of your initial Trash & Archive steps in sweeping actions from your SaneBox Digest.

We do have a Messy Mode that is available for those users that are concerned about missing an email the second it comes into their Inbox. This mode does defeat many of the advantages of SaneBox. In Messy Mode, we leave all your email in your Inbox and simply label some @SaneBox and others @SaneLater.

  • You would then need to book mark your @SaneBox folder and @SaneLater folder and use those when you want to be focused and get a moment of peace from the usual Inbox insanity.
  • To train in Messy Mode , you add the correct label to an email. So you would add @SaneLater to a @SaneBox email. Or you might add @SaneBox to an @SaneLater email.

Coming soon! More detailed coverage and tips on best practices for working with Superhuman and SaneBox.