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Add SaneBox Digest web app to your Android Home screen

Use your Chrome browser to easily add your SaneBox Digest webapp to the Home screen on your Android device. Some of you will like this better than a bookmark and will like the nice feel of the app window.

1.) Start by clicking through to your SaneBox Dashboard from your daily SaneBox Digest email, or you can begin by opening your Chrome browser and bringing up sanebox.com

2.) If not already, logIn via your SaneBox Dashboard navigation menu button.


Here’s an example animation of what you’ll see:


3.) From your menu, select the Digest or other desired section of your SaneBox web-app.


4.) Next, locate and tap into your Chrome ellipse overflow-menu (3 stacked dots, top-right).


5.) Look down the overflow-menu list and choose “ Add to Home screen”.

sb_droid_501_Digest2Home __9.3L__ Dec5-redo_1.3b_3fps_fineTuned_.gif

Now you have a choice way to jump to your SaneBox Digest when the time is right.


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