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Permissions needed for SaneBox to work

We are required to obtain certain permissions in order for SaneBox to function. If we could ask for less, we certainly would.

Why does SaneBox need certain email account information

  • Access to your Contacts - Accessing your contacts allows SaneBox to know better who and what is Inbox worthy to you.
  • Access to your Email Address - We need your email address for all of SaneBox’s features.
  • Access to your basic profile info - We need your name to properly know which emails you are sending and which you are receiving in order to figure out what is Inbox worthy. We also need to know your time zone in order to know when to do certain actions for you. We don’t need all the other profile information and throw it away immediately but most services don’t allow you to ask for exactly what you want.
  • Access to your Email Account (Manage) - We ask your email server to move emails from your Inbox to your SaneLater folder or other Sane folders and from your Snooze folders back to your Inbox.
  • Access to your Email Account (Read) - We need this in order to ask for the headers of your emails in order to know what to do with each new email. And in the case of SaneAttachments, in order to find the attachments and optionally remove them.
  • Access to your Email Account (Delete) - We use this permission to move emails to your Trash that you have trained to SaneBlackHole and when you ask us to “change” emails in the case of SaneAttachments where you ask us to add a link to the cloud storage copy of the attachment or remove the attachment we save the original in your SaneOldAttachments folder or your Trash folder (depending on your settings for SaneAttachment).
  • Access to send email - We ask for this in order to forward emails from your SaneForward folders to your delegated email addresses/services and to send notifications that you are in do not disturb mode and to resend emails that have not been replied to within your specified time period.
  • Access your data offline - We need this because we are constantly keeping your Inbox Sane 7x24 whether you are online or offline. SaneBox never sleeps :-)
  • Access to your cloud storage service content - We need this in order to upload attachments from your emails when you turn on SaneAttachments. (Dropbox and OneDrive were the only services that allowed us to limit our access specifically to our folder. Please be assured that our software does not access any part of your cloud storage service except for our folder. And we do periodically review the state of each service to see if we can limit our access going forward.)


  • Read, Send, Delete, and manage your emails
  • View your email address
  • View your basic profile info
  • View your contacts



  • Profile: Read/Write Public/Private
  • Yahoo Contacts: Read
  • Yahoo Mail: Full Access



  • Access your AOL Address Book information
  • Access your Email Address
  • Access, Send, Receive AOL Mail
  • Access your data when you are offline
  • Access to your profile data including given name, family name, gender, birthdate, and postal code


Processing your Attachments


  • Read / Write Access to SaneAttachments folder.



Google Drive

  • View and manage the files in your Google Drive
  • View and manage any of your documents and files in Google Drive



  • Create notes, notebooks and tags
  • Update notes, notebooks and tags
  • List notebooks and tags
  • Retrieve notes



  • Open and Edit files


Important Note

We take your privacy very seriously. SaneBox will never read your emails or break your trust in any way. The permissions above are drawn by the respective hosts and if we could lessen the amount listed above, we definitely would. Have further questions? Feel free to reach out to us at