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Spark: Finding @SaneLater or any of your new folders

All your emails stay on your server.

At no time does your emails leave your host’s email server. In other words, SaneBox never downloads your email nor does it upload your emails to your SaneBox Dashboard (account). All emails processed by SaneBox will always remain in your own personal (or work) email account.

After you start up SaneBox or enable/disable an optional Sane folder from your SaneBox Dashboard, you might not see the new folders right away in your webmail or email software program.

Where are my emails!?

When you signed up for SaneBox, we analyzed your email account looking for who is important to you. Those that were deemed unimportant, were filtered to your SaneLater folder within your own email account (or any other Sane folder you enabled during or since you signed up for a SaneBox account.)

If you don’t see SaneLater (or other new Sane mail folders) immediately:

Watch this short video:

Or Follow the steps below:

1) Quit the app and relaunch.
2) Click Menu.
3) Scroll down and select the email account tied to your SaneBox account.

4) Scroll down to reveal your new sane folders

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