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Why are there still so many emails in my Inbox?


You signed up for SaneBox but noticed that you still have emails left in your Inbox.

Archiving has been paused:

We recently made a change where we are no longer moving messages to the your sane folders during the sign up process. Instead, we will process your massive backlog of emails in the off-hours.

How this will work:

We will move messages to your sane folders between 11 PM and 5 AM local time, and this process will continue each night until every email is archived properly.

Reasons why we made this change:

  • Reduction in time spent analyzing inbox
  • You can get started using SaneBox without disruption
  • You can get up and running faster instead of getting stuck archiving old messages

Gmail Specific: Folder Size Limits:

Gmail offers a setting that allows you to limit the amount of emails contained in your IMAP labels. To correct this, go to your Settings page and select the option, “Do not limit the number of messages in an IMAP folder (default)”.

SaneBox left the emails from the important contacts:

Inbox still not at zero?

When you signed up for SaneBox, we analyzed your Sent history to find out who is considered important to you.

If these emails are no longer relevant, we’d recommend using triage to either delete the email, archive it, or file it away in a personal folder.

If you do not think a contact is important, you can drag the email to your training Sane folder to train it. Moving an email into a training sane folder such as SaneLater, will teach us to filter emails from that contact in the future.