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@SaneDoNotDisturb: What Do I Do With That Folder?

Table of Contents

  1. What is SaneDoNotDisturb?
  2. How Do I turn DoNotDisturb on?
  3. Explanation of Away Options
  4. What does the away auto-reply look like for my contact?
  5. How do I know if SaneDoNotDisturb is activated and running?
  6. Does SaneBox put all my emails in SaneDoNotDisturb?
  7. SaneReminders and SaneDoNotDisturb
  8. Overlapping and abutting schedules

What is SaneDoNotDisturb?

Put a Do Not Disturb sign on your Inbox with SaneDoNotDisturb

When it is on, new emails are redirected from your Inbox to your SaneDoNotDisturb folder.

Turn it on when you are away from your devices, at night or over a weekend, or when you are on vacation or at any time when you need solitude from inbound emails. Take a quick look with us here and see how using SaneDoNotDisturb works.

How Do I turn DoNotDisturb on?

The Sane DoNotDisturb folder will show up in your email account at the appropriate start time that you set as shown below. Your Inbox-worthy emails will stay in that folder as a staging area during active DoNotDisturb periods.

  1. Log in to your SaneBox account click “schedule” for Do Not Disturb.

  2. Select from the 4 types of away options.

  3. For any of these options, pick your desired variables - i.e. start date/time and end date/time.

  4. There is a “Save” button to complete each of your entries with. It will lock-in each of your scheduling creations for DoNotDisturb periods. Note: To enter additional time-frames, just choose the scheduling type again: Once, Daily, or Weekly, and complete and save each entry.

  5. Select the blue Save button (near the bottom) to finalize and activate all of your entries.

Note: Enabling “Allow exceptions” provides a field for a special VIP over-ride keyword you can construct and enter. The VIP code you set can then be given out by you to key people you know are worthy of your attention all of the time.

Explanation of Away Options

Add Once
If you need to set your email as away for a one-time occurrence (that does not need to be repeated), choose this option. For example, if you are going on vacation for a certain time period, this would be the best option. Your start-date is when you are wanting to activate SaneBox to start automatically filtering your new incoming emails out of your Inbox and into your new DoNotDisturb Sane processing folder.

Add Daily
This option helps you easily choose any combination of days of the week, where you’ll have a DoNotDisturb session at the same time each day. Use this option for repeat occurrences you desire on a regular day to day basis. Choose your combination of days, and a start and end time. This is your route for setting to have DoNotDisturb start at the end of each of your business days.

Add Weekends
For DoNoDisturb periods that will span the weekend, you’ll start with the “add weekends” option. Choose your start day and time, and then your end day and time. These are your choice steps for setting up to have DoNotDisturb turn on for activation during your weekends.

Add Weekly
For DoNoDisturb periods that will span longer periods over multiple days each week, you’ll start with the “add weekly” option. Choose your start day and time, and then your end day and time. These are your choice steps for setting up to have DoNotDisturb turn on for activation during longer periods over multiple days.

Please note that we will only move -new- emails starting at the date and time you select. If you choose a future date, no new emails will be sent there until then. However, if you move an email to this folder before that set folder start time, we will still restore the emails to your Inbox later on at the end date.

Your End Time and/or Date
This time and/or date signifies when you would like SaneBox to restore emails in this folder back to your Inbox. At this time, emails will be restored. After which, processing for this DoNotDisturb folder will be set to a disabled state.

Note on Daily, Weekends, or Weekly Repeating DND setups
As of September 23, 2020, we will no longer remove the SaneDoNotDisturb folder once an end date has been reached. (That behavior has been eliminated.) The folder will remain among your folder list for you, for later when you are set to use SaneDoNotDisturb again.

Any emails placed in that folder outside of the SaneDoNotDisturb time will be restored only at the time you set SaneDoNotDisturb to end the next time it’s in use.

To remove the folder: you can toggle it off from on your SaneBox Dashboard folders page.

You have the option to customize for which days are your weekdays: So you can set your Inbox for DoNotDisturb mode, with your choice combination of days for your week. The “Add Daily” entry option - that’s where you can choose days for your DoNotDisturb treatments.

Since weekends can fall on different days of the week for those of us with customized work schedules, you can now define what days are weekend days in your world. You can use our “Add Weekly” entry options - to construct for whatever your needs call for.

Allow Exceptions (keyword bypass)
If you have a really important contact that is allowed to disturb you, include a special word entry in this section (that only you and this person will know to use) and we will not send that person to your SaneDoNotDisturb folder.

Send out of Office Message
While you are out of the office, you have the ability to allow SaneBox to send a message to your recipients letting them know when you will return.

Please allow time for the message to be sent out as it is not immediate.

More about SaneBox Auto Reply Messages

What does the away auto-reply look like for my contact?

Example image

Please note that, should the recipient reply back to this email, we will not resend a repeat of the away message.

How do I know if SaneDoNotDisturb is activated and running?

You will see a SaneDoNotDisturb folder sitting in your email account and we will update your SaneBox Dashboard to show that DoNotDisturb is turned on. If you have included a VIP Keyword, that will appear there as well. You may also make changes by selecting the (change) link,

You will also notice that the Inbox icon (on your SaneBox Dashboard) looks different when SaneDoNotDisturb is turned on. You can also change your settings from this page.

You will also receive a notice by email, when a DoNotDisturb period begins. Here’s an example of that notice:

Does SaneBox put all my emails in SaneDoNotDisturb?

SaneBox will have your email server move all new emails that arrived in your Inbox after the enable time you set for SaneDoNotDisturb. Note that any emails you put into that folder yourself, from your Inbox or any other Sane folders, will be restored back to the proper place when the SaneDoNotDisturb time-frame has ended. All the contents will be moved back out on schedule (to Inbox and/or Sane folders.)

SaneReminders and SaneDoNotDisturb

Our reminders feature will still work while SaneDoNotDisturb is turned on. However, being it would normally be Inbox worthy, your reminder emails will show up in your SaneDoNotDisturb folder until it is time to restore the Inbox worthy emails back to your Inbox.

Overlapping and abutting schedules.

Overlapping schedules are combined into a single activation with one end date. Abutting schedules are treated as two separate activations — email will be restored and the “End Date” in the auto-reply will reflect both end times.