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Postbox: Finding @SaneLater or any of your new folders

All your emails stay on your server.

At no time does your emails leave your host’s email server. In other words, SaneBox never downloads your email nor does it upload your emails to your SaneBox Dashboard (account). All emails processed by SaneBox will always remain in your own personal (or work) email account.

If you are unable to see or find your new SaneBox IMAP folders, You are not currently “Subscribed” to those mail folders in your PostBox App.

While SaneBox activation completes, your email account is fully functional and available for normal use. We’ll send a welcome email with “directions”, once services are active. At that point, your @SaneLater destination folder will be automatically generated.

  • The more email there is in your email hosting account, the longer our SaneBox signup analysis will take to complete. The Speed of your email server is also a setup factor.
  • Note that your email never leaves your own hosting account for any of the SaneBox analysis or sorting processes, during signup or ongoing services.

Getting things set up and working for SaneBox in your PostBox install is easy:

  • To check which folders you’ve subscribed to, right-click your IMAP account and then select Subscribe.

  • Make sure that a check mark appears next to each Sanebox folder, (like @SaneLater), that you wish to appear within Postbox.

If the above did not work, then verify that your IMAP prefix settings are correct:

  • Go to “Options”, select “Accounts” and then click on your desired account and click the advanced button.

  • Make sure that “IMAP server directory” has an empty value.

  • Then restart Postbox.