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How to make SaneBox work with Mailbox App (mailboxapp.com)

We hate confusion, so here are some tips to make sure SaneBox works flawlessly with the Mailbox app.

A) Rename Your SaneLater folder

Rename @SaneLater to [Mailbox]/SaneLater.  You can do this right from in the Gmail web mail view from mail.google.com (click on the label and choose Edit, and choose to “Nest label under” [Mailbox]).


To keep the Mailbox app happy, it’s best to remove special characters such as the @ and any dashes (-) from the name, because Mailbox sometimes bugs out with non-standard characters.  If you’re using other SaneBox folders, you can also add [Mailbox] before the name of those Sane folders/labels to make Mailbox pick them up too and show them to you under its Lists section.

You will also notice that Mailbox has installed its own new folders into your email account: like Later, To Buy, To Read, and To Watch. These are merely Snooze and categorization folders and are separate from your more sophisticated SaneBox training processes. You will use your Sane folders ( SaneLater , SaneBlackHole , SaneNews etc) to reference and to train contacts with SaneBox.

Note that if you’re a Mailbox user with an iCloud based email address, the process is very similar. In that case, please see this additional help article.


B) You can customize your Mailbox Swipes (iOS)

1. Open Mailbox App and select Settings

2. Scroll down and select “Customize Your Swipes”

3. Choose one of the actions.

4. Select List

5. Pick your SaneLater folder

6. Repeat for any other folders for different swipe actions.