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Outlook 2003: Finding @SaneLater or any of your new folders

Notice :  Outlook 2003 has reached the end of its life-cycle (no more security updates) and is no longer supported by Microsoft.

If your IMAP folders are not showing up, follow these steps to subscribe to them with your Outlook mail client:

  • In your main e-mail window, click once on any of your IMAP folders. 

  • From the  Tools  menu at the top, choose  IMAP Folders.  

  • In the “IMAP Folders” window, click the  Subscribed  tab then click the  Query  button. 

  • A list of your IMAP mail folders should appear.

  • Select all folders you want to appear in folder list and Click the Subscribe  button. 

  • Or, Uncheck “When displaying hierarchy in Outlook, show only subscribed folders.”

  • Click OK

You should now be able to view your new folders in your folder list.