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Outlook 2007: Finding SaneLater or any other new Sane folders

Note : The steps below are *not* required for Exchange accounts. 

Watch this video: 



Or follow these steps: 

If any of your new IMAP based SaneBox folders are not showing up, follow these steps that Microsoft requires in order to “subscribe” to them within your Outlook mail software install. 

  • First, locate the Inbox for the email address you’re working with for SaneBox services and right-click on it.  Choose “IMAP folders” from the drop-down Menu and then “subscribe” to the new SaneBox folders. 
  • If needed, once again locate the email account you wish to update IMAP folders for (on the left of your main Outlook window) and right-click on the Inbox for that email address. On the drop-down Menu, click on “Update folder list”. 
  • If that doesn’t work quit/exit Outlook and restart it. 

You should now be able to see your new Sane mail folders under the set of folders for the email account you’ve set up with SaneBox services. 


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