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Microsoft Entourage: How do I find my server settings?

1. Click on Account Settings in the Entourage menu bar


2. Select the email account that you wish to look up and notice your Account Type in parenthesis next to your Account Name. (i.e. Gmail is configured for Account Type: IMAP)

  • Note: Make sure your “Account Type” is NOT set to POP. Since your SaneBox folders are IMAP-folders held on the server, you can’t see them using POP. To learn more about POP vs. IMAP and how to switch to IMAP, please visit


3. Select the Account Settings tab. Now you can locate your User Name (named Account ID) and your Incoming Mail Server Name.


Active Sync -If your email server uses ActiveSync , we will attempt to discover your server settings. If we are unable to discover them, we’ll need your hostname, username, and email password.

SaneBox Compatibility with Microsoft Entourage.

SaneBox works with any email client, device or provider (with the exception of POP-only providers, and there are very few of those left).

The whole point of SaneBox is to get unimportant emails out of your way so that you can deal with your important ones now. We take all of those unimportant emails and put them into SaneLater (or other Sane folders you activate) so that you can either archive or delete them when you have a free moment later.

Block annoying email now!Try SaneBox Today