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Gmail: Finding @SaneLater or any of your new folders

Will SaneBox work with Gmail?

SaneBox works with any email client, device or provider (with the exception of POP-only providers, and there are very few of those left). The whole point of SaneBox is to get unimportant emails out of your way so that you can deal with your important ones now. We take all of those unimportant emails and put them into SaneLater so that you can either archive or delete them when you have a free moment.

All your emails stay on your server.

At no time does your emails leave your host’s email server. In other words, SaneBox never downloads your email nor does it upload your emails to your SaneBox Dashboard (account). All emails processed by SaneBox will always remain in your own personal (or work) email account.

How do I find my SaneLater folder?

  • Watch this short video:
  • You can simply click here to go directly to your @SaneLater folder in Gmail.

  • If you don’t see @SaneLater in your Folder list in the left column as seen below, click “More” at the bottom.

  • Please note that if you have to select More , your folders may be hidden from view. Make sure that your Sane folders are selected as “Show” to correct the problem. You can correct that by visiting your Google Settings page here.