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Support Center: Setting Up Email on iPhone | SaneBox

While it may look simple, setting up email on your iPhone can be tougher than it looks. Read SaneBox’s step by step guide here for full details.

  • Start at the Home screen and go to iOS Settings.
  • Tap into the Mail category.
  • Under the Mail Settings section, tap into Accounts.
  • Now select the IMAP based account you’d like to check or adjust.
  • For the next step select **Account.
  • Look to “** Advanced ”, and tap on the Mail** line item.
  • Advanced again, as an additional level we’ll need to tap into to go further.
  • Choose “ Sent Mailbox”.
  • Check or change Sent folder settings. Coordinate to store Sent mail in your choice of Sent or Sent Items folder on your host’s server.
  • (Note: Sent setup is a preset for some hosts and so you won’t always see these choices.)

Finish by tapping to back your way out (top-left) on your iPhone/iPad screen, while carefully watching for the choice to select \ *Done * (top-right) to complete your adjustments or setup check.

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