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How to add SaneLater (or any other folder) to Mailbox Shortcuts in iOS Mail

It takes several clicks to get to SaneLater or any other mail folder in the iPhone or iPad Mail app, which makes training SaneBox harder than it should be. Luckily there’s an easy solution: Mailbox Shortcuts (it’s that short list under your Inbox before the longer list of folders). Here’s how to add SaneLater (or SaneBlackHole, SaneNextWeek or any other folder) to that list.

1.  In your iOS 7+ Mail app, swipe in with a touch of the screen from the left edge and to the right. That brings up your “Mailboxes” view, showing your mail account folders. (Use the “Back” button on the left-side as needed, to get to the full listing.)

2.  From the top-right of the main Mailboxes view, Tap  “Edit”.

3.  Then, Tap “Add Mailbox…”

4.  Find and tap on all folders you want to see in the Mailboxes shortcut list so that checkmarks appear next to them.

If you have more than one email address configured for access in the Mail app, You’ll need to go into each email account of your choice, one by one, to add checkmarks for each mail folder that you’d like to see in your mailboxes shortcut list.

After making your folder checkmarks in a particular email account, complete the step with the “Done” button.

5.  Finish working through all the email account folders that you’d like to make shortcut additions for.  Use the “Done” button to finalize the process.

  • BTW: The “Add Mailbox…” choice is totally different from the “New Mailbox” choice that shows way down at the bottom sometimes, and lets you actually manually create a new mail folder in your email account on the mail server.
  • Additionally, you’ll notice extra default choices for your Mailboxes shortcut list (e.g.”Flagged” or “Unread”).  Those can also be check-marked on and off. 

We saved the best for last: now it’s time to arrange them to your liking

You can change the order in which folders appear in the Mailboxes Shortcut list. Once in the Mailboxes “Edit” view, utilize the *handle* to drag and move any folder you’d like to place further up or down in the list. It looks like three horizontal bars, appearing to the right of each item.  

1.  Touch-n-hold on the three bars and  drag the item to the location of choice.

2.  Tap on “Done_“._



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