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Finding SaneLater (or other new Sane folders) in the Boxer mail app

As is the norm, the button near the top-left is used to navigate in the Boxer email app. In Boxer, it even takes you to what they call the slide-out ‘Navigation Pane’. 

To look in your SaneLater label/folder location, simply tap into the particular email account on your Boxer Navigation Pane. 

Commonly used Boxer interface buttons

1.  Bring up the Boxer Navigation Pane. 

2.  Under the accounts section, tap to select the email account. 

3.  Browse or scroll down the list and tap into SaneLater.

Note that in Boxer the main dashboard screen choices provide access to either a combined/unified Inbox, or choices for the Inbox view for each email address.  

 Boxer in iOS App

If you’ve received our welcome email  and still don’t see SaneLater under your email account in Boxer:

  1. Double-click the home button on your iPhone/iPad.
  2. Swipe-up to quit Boxer from in your rotating list of running apps.
  3. Hold your power button to shut down your iOS device for a fresh start.
  4. Power up and return to Boxer to look under your email account for SaneLater.



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