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Google Inbox: Finding SaneLater or any of your new Sane folders

Use the top-left navigation button to access your menu: 

  1. From the slide-out menu as shown below, scroll down until you see SaneLater.

  2. Tap into SaneLater from there to review sorted mail directly.


Training SaneBox

SaneLater to Inbox :   When reading emails already in a Sane folder, using the PIN button in Inbox by Google will change your SaneBox training back to Inbox for that sender or contact.

Inbox to SaneLater :   Use the top-right Move to button   (the three stacked dots) to train an email sender from the Inbox to a Sane folder.



  • Next you’ll see a screen like this example below, where you can complete a move to make a SaneBox training.

  • Or make a key move to Spam, so the Gmail server knows better. 

  • From this same screen you can even remove a particular sender from an Inbox bundle. 


Key Points to Keep in Mind 

  • Automating to add emails to a label from inside the Inbox app or clicking on the “always do this” choice is the same as making a Filter rule in regular Gmail (to sort mail to a label).

  • Reminders made with the tool built into Inbox by Google won’t be visible from webmail or some desktop or laptop software apps you may be using.

  • Any mail label/folder create or delete actions done from the Inbox by Google app will also take place in your actual Gmail email account. (Making a new ‘bundle” is like making a new Gmail label.)

  • Note that because Gmail content is stored on their mail servers, you can have more than one email app set up for a Gmail address.

For extra tips from Google, try their help pages.

Plus, our additional in-depth coverage for using SaneBox in Google Inbox.