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Amazon WorkMail hosting Quick Setup help | SaneBox

At SaneBox we’re excited about Amazon WorkMail! It’s a new email hosting choice for businesses of any size and small businesses will want to know that it’s easy to set up a test account for a trial run. WorkMail looks like a great fit for users that like traditional mailbox folders better than the alternative of Google’s email labels.

Our support team has done extensive testing and the word is that Amazon’s WorkMail is already well on its way to greatness. Value-conscious entrepreneurs and discriminating end-users alike all want better email choices. Take the magic of SaneBox and combine that with Amazon’s WorkMail and love your email again!

**WorkMail Quick Setup Guide

Step 1**
Login to your amazon.com account in your Chrome or another browser.

Step 2 Ask Alexa or just search Amazon for “ AWS”, (they call email & web services “AWS”).



Step 3 Create your “Amazon Web Services” account. It’s like an add-on, simple:


You’ll have these 5 screens of AWS activation completed in about two minutes.

  • Personal or company contact information.
  • Payment info. (Use a SaneReminder and you won’t forget to cancel your trial if desired.)
  • Identity verification email.
  • Support plan (default: basic).
  • Confirmation.


Step 4 Sign in to your newly activated “AWS Console” – yes with another yellow button.


**Note: You may notice strange goodies o’ plenty in the list of AWS products and yes some with unusual names and geared for developers. With WorkMail though, you’ll soon see there are some great offerings that are very powerful and yet approachable.

Step 5**
Locate WorkMail with the services search box. Click through to WorkMail, selecting the cloud hosting server region nearest to your area and then move on to the Quick Setup option for WorkMail.


Step 6 Begin with the \ *Get Started * button, followed by *Quick Setup* button on next screen.


Step 7 Enter an actual company name or pet/test name for your WorkMail organization.


Step 8 Once your fresh org is “ Active”, click on your organization name (under the Alias column.)


Step 9 Proceed to create a user or two for your tryout of Amazon WorkMail. Make a note of the email addresses you create.


Also, look under Org Settings (from bottom-left) and note your WorkMail webmail URL. Then click on the URL to open it up and do login with one of the test users you created.


Reminder, the addresses with the free test domain will look something like this: testname@examplefirm.awsapps.com (Later on you can change over to your own domain name.)

Login Tip: Since each WorkMail webmail URL is unique to the organization each customer creates, enter only the username part before the @ sign and not the entire email address during login.

Step 10 Now send some test messages to yourself at the new address and also sign up for a few of your favorite newsletters, so you have some email to test with. Invite a co-worker to team up to test things out.


Our support team is having superior results with the brilliant combo of SaneBox and Amazon WorkMail. Once you get a taste of WorkMail you’ll know if it’s time for next steps of making yourself at home with a fresh new email domain name and/or plans for migrating existing domain and email accounts over to WorkMail.

BTW: We’d be tickled pink (maybe blue) if you’d take next step and claim your free SaneBox trial too, and be sure to contact the dedicated SaneBox support team about any questions or details we can assist with in order to help you love your email again.

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