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@SaneArchive: Should I have one? What is it?

What was it for?

Modern email clients and web mail interfaces are now really good at searching for items so putting a random email that you might need to reference in the future here saves it without forcing you to come up with a categorized folder for it.

Please note that moving an email to your SaneArchive folder does not train SaneBox. We won’t take any action based on that movement.

If you signed up before 07/24/2019.

If you signed up prior to 7/24/2019, you may still see a SaneArchive folder. SaneArchive was a folder that showed up when you reached the 5,000 email limit. It’s calculated by the combined number of emails in both your Inbox and your Sane folders. If the count reaches 5000+, SaneBox will move the oldest emails (from either your Sane folders or Inbox) into the SaneArchive folder to keep a count less than 5001 in your combined Inbox & Sane Folders.

If you signed up after 07/24/2019.

If you signed up after 07/24/2019, you’ll only see the SaneArchive folder if we are unable to find a system archive folder for you.

What is the best method for using this folder?

Once you read/act on/reply to an email, the best practice is to either:

  • Delete - if you’ll never refer to it again
  • Archive it - if you may need to refer to it in the future
  • File it under a hand-made folder/label - equivalent to archiving but more categorical

Why are there still so many emails in my Inbox?

When you sign up, SaneBox moves your newest email into the correct Sane folder. This allows you to start enjoying SaneBox almost immediately.

Then, if you still have older email in your Inbox, SaneBox will file it into the correct Sane folder between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. This process will repeat each night until every email in your Inbox is filed properly.

If you signed up prior to 07/24/2019 and have SaneArchive turned on, those older emails will be moved to SaneArchive.

I still want you to automatically archive old stuff!

SaneBox offers the ability to archive emails after a certain amount of time. Learn More.