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@SaneArchive: What do I do with the SaneArchive folder?

@SaneArchive is a folder that appears when the total emails in your Inbox and Sane folders is greater than 5,000 to assist you in reaching Inbox zero.

Why did this folder appear in my Email account?

  • SaneBox will only process the most recent 5,000 emails that you have in your Inbox and Sane folders, for an email account already receiving SaneBox services.
  • Starting at your 5,001st email, your oldest email will be moved from its Sane folder and be placed in @SaneArchive.

What is it and why do I need it?

  • The idea behind @SaneArchive comes from the GTD (get things done ideology) and the move towards “Inbox Zero” by leaving only the _most relevant emails in your Inbox & Sane folders for processing.
  • Think of your Sane folders as triaging folders rather than filing folders.

What is the best method for using this folder?

Once you read/reply to an email, the best practice is to either:

  • Delete
    • if you’ll never refer to it again
  • Archive it
    • if you may need to refer to it in the future
  • File it under a hand-made folder/label
    • equivalent to archiving but more categorical

Important information regarding SaneArchive

  • Moving an email into @SaneArchive will not teach us to move the next email like that to @SaneArchive.
  • Emails that are  flagged will never be automatically moved to @SaneArchive unless you have 2,000 flagged emails in both your sane folders and Inbox. Adjusting your settings for flagged messages will ignore this rule. 
  • If this folder is turned off, we will need to put the emails back in your Inbox.

Using your own archiving method?

  • You can place a support request with us if you feel certain you want to have it deactivated and you’re sure you won’t mind old mail being moved back to your Inbox.
  • But, again, we recommend you leave SaneArchive turned on.

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