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Gmail: Archiving an Email in Gmail for iOS App

You can remove messages from your Gmail Inbox or Sane folders but keep them in the “ All mail” tab by archiving your messages.

If you are archiving from the Inbox, you can simply select your message and select the “Archive” button as seen below: 

For all other labels, you will need to use the label button. 

Here’s how:

  1. Select the email(s) via the multi-select tool

  1. Click on the arrow next to the Trash button

  1. Tap on “ Label”.

  1. Uncheck any labels associated with that email(s)

  1. Tap Apply.

Note: We’ve noticed that the iOS app for Gmail does not allow ‘Swiping’ like the Android app for Gmail does. If Swiping is easier for you, we’d recommend switching to another app such as:

  1. Boxer

  2. MailBox

  3. iOS Mail App

For more information on how to use Gmail, check out our Get Started guide here


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