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How do I cancel SaneBox?

How do I Cancel My SaneBox Account?

  1. Login to your SaneBox account via:

Gmail/Yahoo/Aol/Outlook email account customers, you will be asked to authenticate instead of entering your password. This is normal and is simply logging you in. Please proceed to the steps below to cancel your SaneBox account.

  1. Visit your Settings page to begin cancellation.

  2. Please select a reason and you’ll be taken to the next screen.

  3. You’ll see some options that may even solve the issue you’re having. We hope you’ll check them out before selecting the Cancel my account… button.

  4. Choose whether you want to keep/remove your sane folders.

iOS users please read about a bug that is occurring in iOS mail. Our support team is unable to correct any issues that may arise from this iOS mail bug as this is a limitation of this mail client and can only be resolved using the instructions included or by contacting Apple Care directly. If you have thousands of emails choose to keep your sane folders and either 1) Move the emails manually and then delete the sane folders or 2) Rename your sane folders.

  1. Select the Cancel My Account button to confirm cancellation.

You’ll be sent an email once we have completed your cancellation request.

Important Notes

  • If you choose to keep your sane folders, we will securely delete any account details we have but leave your sane folders alone.
  • If you still notice your sane folders or if your emails are not syncing, please use this page to resync your email client (software) with what is being shown on your email server.

Keep in mind that at any point (including during cancellation) your emails never leaves your mail server. When you sign up for SaneBox, we simply put new folders (Sane folders) on your email server (webmail). Your folders are not stored locally which is why you have the ability to access your sane folders anywhere that you check your emails.

Why are my sane folders in the trash?

When you opt to remove your folders, the folders will go into your Deleted Items / Trash folder.