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@SaneNotSpam: How does it work? How do I make it move emails directly into my Inbox?

SaneNotSpam is a convenience folder. Many of us grovel through our Spam folders occasionally, either looking for something specific or afraid that we might miss something important. This is time that SaneBox can save you.

When your @SaneNotSpam folder is enabled, SaneBox constantly monitors your Spam folder looking for emails that might be Inbox-worthy. When SaneBox finds one, it is moved into your SaneNotSpam folder. This means that either the person it was sent by or the service that was sending it was considered by the SaneBox algorithms to be normally Inbox-worthy.

  • If you move it back to your Spam folder, we will take the hint and leave it there.
    • *Please note that this will not train the whole contact back to Spam. This only moves the email back to Spam and we’ll leave that message(s) there. *
  • If you click on the Is Junk link in your summary digest, we will move it back to your Spam folder and leave it there.

For Gmail users , you can move those emails to your Inbox or click on the Move to Inbox link in your digest.

For non-Gmail users , moving one of these emails to your Inbox may cause your client’s Spam filter to put it back into your Spam folder. If it does that, we won’t pull it out again. We can’t tell the difference between you moving it back to your Spam folder manually and your client doing it automatically.

SaneBox does not control what goes into your Spam folder. Your email provider is the one who determines that. Unfortunately, this means that something could end up in your Spam folder again and again because your email provider may not realize that something is not Spam. We will pull it every time and place it into your @SaneNotSpam folder, but we are unable to teach your email provider that it is not Spam.

AN IMPORTANT CAVEAT : Just because an email appears to be from someone important, doesn’t mean it isn’t infected and actually Spam. SaneBox is NOT looking at the body of the email, so we can’t look for viruses and such. Please look carefully at emails we put into @SaneNotSpam. We put them there because we think they might be important, but we assume that you are doing the final evaluation. Often it is your best friend running a windows box who clicks the wrong link, becomes infected, and his computer (unbeknownst to them) sends you an infected email. So please never click on a link unless you are confident in the source.

SpamSieve Users::

Do step 6 and 7 and 8 and change the “TrainGood” in the script to be whatever you have named “@SaneNotSpam”

Another Note: If you run into a situation where we are rescuing real contacts that you want to go to your Inbox, simply add that contact to your contact’s list and it should tell your email service provider that this email address is not from a spam source and place new emails in your Inbox from now on.

One more Note: We only rescue “real” stuff from your Spam folder. So, if you want us to stop rescuing something, just move it from SaneNotSpam to your SaneBlackHole. That will make sure it gets sent to Trash if your host doesn’t make it Spam. And we will never rescue anything from that sender from your Spam folder again.