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Gmail Specific: How to set up automatic forwarding from one account to another account

Forward emails from one account to another account (from email account  A  to email account  B ) and send emails “ as “ account  A  from in account  B.

1. Login to email account  A  (the address you need to forward emails from) and click or tap on the  gear-icon (upper-right) and  go to Settings. Here’s a direct link.


2.  Select the  Forwarding and POP/IMAP  tab.


3. From the “ Forwarding” section, select ‘ Add a forwarding address’ and fill in the email account address B  to which you’d like your account emails forwarded to.


4.  After Clicking  Next , a confirmation dialog box will open and you’ll click the Proceed  button to confirm your entry. A confirmation code will be sent to email account  B , the address you just entered.


5.  Go login to email account  B (I like to just be logged into each Gmail address from in a different brand web browser.) Click the verification link in the confirmation email that arrived at this address you’ll be forwarding to.


6.  Now go back into account  A. Locate the radio-button dot next to the ‘ Forward a copy of incoming mail to…’ option. Select the forwarding address you just set up (from the drop-down menu) to activate forwarding.

  • Make sure to select the action you’d like your emails to take from the other drop-down menu too. You can choose  delete Gmail’s copy  for the original copies in your inbox, (that have been forwarded to the other email account B ) or you can elect to leave the copies (they can act like a backup.) Finish by scrolling all the way to the bottom and clicking to \ *Save changes.*


7. Now go back into account   B. Click the  gear-icon  in the upper right corner, and select Settings. Go to the  Accounts and Import tab for the  Send mail as section .  S pecify  your preferred  default account. 

  • Under When replying to a message, if you select Always reply from default address you’ll be able to automatically send emails “as” email address  A  (without having to select it). This way you can compose new mail  from  either address, but the one you designate as the “default” will auto-fill.


NOTE: Be certain to scroll down to finish with the “ Save Changes” button. 


Help center free trial days

Send emails to your future self

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