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@SaneNews: What do I do with my SaneNews folder?

The @SaneNews folder is for newsletter type emails that you can read when time permits. We recommend this folder if you receive many newsletters that are cluttering up your @SaneLater folder.

Here is how you can access your @SaneNews

  1. Log in to the Dashboard

  2. Click on Folders , by default this will bring you to Sane Folders

  3. To enable click the on button next to @SaneNews, click the OFF button to turn @SaneNews Off.


SaneNews and the Digest

When you receive your Daily Digest, these emails are listed in there for you to look through. If there is a newsletter that requires your immediate attention just one time, you can move it to your Inbox by clicking the Inbox Once button in your digest or by flagging it. If you would always like it in your Inbox, simply move it there or click theInbox in the dropdown in your digest, and we won’t make that mistake again.

Auto Archive / Delete

If you want SaneBox to automatically archive or trash emails after a certain date, you may do that from your SaneBox Dashboard.

1) On your Features page, click on the 3 veritical dots to access the settings for that folder.
2) Click / Tap Yes.
3) Choose which folder to move the emails to.
4) Choose the amount of days until SaneBox moves the old emails.
5) Click Save.

Important Notes

  • If you train an email to your Inbox, we will not move all of your emails to your Inbox. Only the recent ones. If you decide to enable SaneNews, this can cause the older emails to then be sent to your Inbox.

  • When you enable or disable a Sane folder, there will be a small delay of 5-30 minutes before your changes take effect. During this time, your Inbox may become messy while emails are being relabeled. Don’t worry, your trainings will not be forgotten during this time! After waiting a few minutes, you may also need to restart or resync your email application in order to see the changes. Some email clients may require you to re-subscribe to your selected IMAP folders.

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Block annoying email now!
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