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Apple Mail: How Do I find My Emails?

You can use Apple Mail’s Operators to quickly find your emails.

Using Different Operators

  • _ from :_ find emails sent from your contacts.
  • _ to :_ find emails you’ve sent to others.
  • _ subject :_ find emails containing certain subject.
  • _ date :_ find emails by date 

Simple Search

You can perform a simple search by typing your query in the Search field in Mail’s toolbar. (Command-Option-F.) 

  • Mail will notice that when you type, it matches either a name, email address, date, subject or message header. Click on the one that closely matches what you are looking for to narrow your search. 

Find emails sent from your contacts.

People < Mint Bills Updates < updates@bills.mint.com

Adjust your tokens by clicking on the little arrow (as seen below): 

Using Multiple Tokens

Need to narrow your search down even further? Use multiple tokens:


If you are still not finding an email, please write to us at: support@sanebox.com.