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@SaneTomorrow: How To

Move an email into @SaneTomorrow, and SaneBox will pop it back into your Inbox tomorrow morning! Between now and then, it will disappear from your Inbox and only appear in the @SaneTomorrow folder. This is a great tool for decluttering your Inbox if you don’t need the email until tomorrow.

To turn on this feature, or to hide it if you do not wish to see it in your folders, go to your Folders page. Under Snooze Folders, click On or Off next to @SaneTomorrow.

Important Note:

We can only move the messages to the top of your Inbox if there are 250 or less messages being snoozed / in that folder. Otherwise, we will restore them back to your Inbox without adjusting the timestamp of when the email was sent to you.

Enabling Auto-Reply

You can enable an Auto-Reply message for any of your Snooze folders, that will be sent to your contacts to let them know that you have received their email and will respond to them later.

Why do I see my snoozed emails in the Trash?

If you choose “Top of Inbox” for your created snooze folders, this requires us to adjust the date in the email. We ask your email server to move the original to Trash to avoid you having duplicates. If you do not like this behavior, you can adjust your snooze folder settings to just “Inbox”.