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Email Servers & Email Clients that are not supported by SaneBox

The advent of mobile phones and tablets have caused most people to switch to IMAP so that by keeping their email on the server, each of their devices can ALL have the same view of mail.

For one example, using IMAP allows you to delete an email on one device and have it disappear on the others. And when an email is filed into a mail folder other than the Inbox, that folder is available and viewable from in all your various email software and apps on your variety of devices.

Unfortunately, because your @SaneLater folder is held on the email provider’s server, you can’t see it using POP. Most email servers and email software (clients) do support IMAP.

Here are a few examples of mail servers that do not support IMAP, SaneBox will not work with these email providers.

  • Verizon.net
  • Jmwifi.com
  • mail.com (mail.com Premium does work, includes IMAP)
  • nsMail (nsMail Pro by Network Solutions does work, includes IMAP)

Here’s a few examples of mail servers who recently have began to support IMAP:

  • Earthlink.com (late to market addition of IMAP Q2 2015)
  • Comcast (Initially by request, IMAP finally available late 2014)
  • Roadrunner (recently added IMAP service)
  • Shaw.ca (added support for IMAP)
  • Qwest’s q.com (IMAP service finally added)

If you would like to make a new configuration for IMAP incoming settings in your email software for a provider that you’ve been using POP with but who does support IMAP, (or if you’d like a suggestion for a creative IMAP access solution for an email account that does not support IMAP itself), we can send you helpful directions.

Create a Support Request with the name of your email software or app you use and its version number. Please also include a mention of the name of your related email account provider and a quote of any additional email addresses you have.

Plus, here’s our site with some additional helpful information on converting to IMAP.

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