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@SaneTop2Box: What do I do with my SaneTop2Box folder?

For grandfathered users of this feature who are seeking assistance, please open a ticket with support. Only Gmail users who activated @SaneTop prior to elimination will see this feature.

  • When you utilize the SaneTop folder, you will also receive a SaneTop2Box folder, which is only used to demote email from SaneTop down to your Inbox.
    • Simply move the email from SaneTop to SaneTop2Box , and SaneBox will take the hint. Future email from that person won’t appear in SaneTop.
  • Note that this folder is only needed to turn SaneTop email into Inbox email. If you want to do any other training, simply move an email to the correct folder, and SaneBox will do the rest.

Idea behind SaneTop

  • SaneTop is a folder for when you only have a quick moment to check your email. If this is a situation you often find yourself in, we recommend you add this folder. When you have more time, you should check your Inbox instead of SaneTop.

  • Therefore, SaneTop emails are kept in your Inbox as well because they are still important. Since the SaneTop emails are kept in more than one folder, you cannot train them as you would other emails. This is why we are created the SaneTop2Box folder.

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