Or, let us help, reach out to SaneBox support.

How do I recover my SaneBox site password?

You can easily do this at our Recover Account page. Simply enter your email address and click Continue. We will send you a magic link that you can use to recover your password. For Google Apps or Gmail, please see details below.


We will send you an email with a link to reset your SaneBox site password.

For those who are using a Password Manager App, be sure to update it after changing your SaneBox account password.

Note: Google Apps and Gmail hosted addresses normally use Google’s OAuth to log into our services, so they do not have a separate password with us to reset and will not receive a reset email if requested.

There are rare exceptions where a Google Apps account may not be using OAuth, but for the vast majority you’d just be sure to be logged into mail.google.com before you open our site in another tab of the same browser.

If you’re having trouble seeing any of the steps in our processes, Download and install Google Chrome as an extra web browser choice.

It’s a faster, cleaner, and more stable browser. When it asks if you want to import your information from Internet Explorer, let it. Then try our Recover Account page again - in Chrome.