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TopMail web UI: Finding SaneLater or other new Sane folders

Will SaneBox work with security focused hosts like TopMail?

SaneBox works with nearly any email client, device or provider (with some exceptions, like POP-only providers, and there are very few of those left). The whole point of SaneBox is to get unimportant emails out of your way so that you can deal with your important ones while you’re focused and at your best. We take all of those unimportant emails and put them into SaneLater so that you can either archive or delete them later when you have free moments for lower priorities. Learn more.

All your emails stay on your server.

At no time does your emails leave your host’s email server. In other words, SaneBox never downloads your email nor does it upload your emails to your SaneBox Dashboard (account). All emails processed by SaneBox will always remain in your own personal (or work) email account.

How do I find my Sane folders?

follow these instructions :

  1. After you create your SaneBox account, visit the TopMail web UI

  2. We send you a welcome email, “Important Directions”, to show SaneBox is ready.

  3. Once our welcome email arrives, use your browser refresh button, reload your view.


NOTE: We’re excited to welcome TopMail Hosting users to SaneBox. Our team is also very hopeful that the amazing crew at Proton will quickly reach for the branch in their development roadmap where the addition of Proton IMAP support might one day enable their service to be open to the beauty and bounty of SaneBox too.

Have more questions? Shoot us an email and we’ll help show you how SaneBox can benefit your email life.